Swamp Zipline News

Extremely safe!

Zip Nola’s course is nothing short of state of the art. Contrary to the old school hand braking technique, Zip Nola utilizes magnetic braking devices for an effortless and more enjoyable ride. The benefits of automatic braking are numerous, but in short, riders can enjoy more of our incredible swamp views without having to worry about stopping themselves. Zip Nola’s lines are also equipped with mechanical secondary braking devices which add an extra layer of protection.

Upon arrival, riders will be equipped with an industry leading safety system including harnesses, helmets, lanyards, 2 stage & 3 stage caribiners, and two zip trolleys.

No proper zipline tour is complete without a guide! Zip Nola’s tours will be complete with two knowledgeable guides who are certified in ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technologies) level 1 zipline guiding. Hours of training and preparation have ensured our guides follow the stringent guidelines set for by the ACCT.

Safety is paramount and ingrained in the culture of Zip Nola. We cannot wait to see you out on the swamp course!